Issues upgrading to Radeon x1650 pro

Hi all,

I've been trying to upgrade my graphics card on my comp for a few weeks now and am running into all sorts of trouble..

Specs are as follows,
Mb = Gigabyte 7vt600p-rz
CPU = AMD Athlon 2600+
Ram = 1.5gb (1gb stick and 512mb stick)
Power supply = thermaltake xp550np 430watts (new to me, but second hand)

At first i was running a Geforce FX5200, which ran fine for years.
I bought a geforce 6200 online and installed which for the first boot went well, after a restart i couldn't get the VGA output to display to my monitor. (after some research, i went down the path of an under powered PSU, so bought the thermaltake one mentioned in my specs.

This didn't solve anything, and i thought i may have wreaked the card so bought a Radeon x1650 pro.

The first time i booted, again everything went well. Display was working fine and monitor (vga) and tv(dvi), but after a reboot the display went all funny (green lines running vertcally down the screen)....

I've removed the drivers and installed older ones, then newer ones using Driver Sweeper.
At times it will come right but not for long..

Anyone with any thoughts on the issue... Its doing my head in...

Thanks in advance.

Oh and ps... I can put the old fx5200 in and everything works fine..

EDIT: did a full format and reinstalled windows. On first boot the display came up fine using standard vga drivers, then installed ati drivers and when rebooted it was all garbled again... So i did a quick and reinstalled again... But screen came back garbled again....

Put fx5200 back in and given up for now :( feeling a bit defeated...
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  1. Anybody?
  2. Sounds like both of the cards you bought are defective. Did you buy the 6200 and x1650 Pro new or used? If they were used, it's a very good possibility that both were bad. If they were new, then that would obviously be a 1 in a million chance that both were bad, but bad luck happens sometimes.
  3. They are both second hand... So yeah maybe dud...

    What confuses me though is that they both worked at the start.. What would cause both cards to fail in my comp? The power supply?
    The motherboard is all good i think because me geforce 5200 works fine and never has had a problem...

    I dont want to go buy another one in case i wreak it again, due to something in the comp....
  4. It could be the PSU, I suppose. It wasn't great to begin with and you got it second hand too, so who knows how hard it was stressed before you got it. Still, if it runs the 5200, I wouldn't expect it to have problems with the 6200 or x1650 Pro. Couldn't hurt to get a new PSU, either way, though.
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