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ive got sb live.just fitted celeron 800 cpu.keep getting fatal exception oe has occured at 0028:c15a7460 in VXD EMU10K1 (01)+00012980 does anyone know how to fix this please
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  1. Is it sharing any IRQ's? to find out, go to your system properties and double click the Computer in the Device manager. If it is, you need to uninstall all the drivers and software, place the card in the third slot, then reload the drivers and software. If it happens to be sharing the IRQ with the video card, go in the BIOS and set the Video device to reseave and IRQ (should say reserve IRQ for display device or something of that nature). This solves 85% of all the problems with installing the SB Live.

    If it works for you then don't fix it.
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