XFX HD 6870

Newegg has a 6870 shell shocker today. should i buy that to upgrade from my 5770 or should i wait until christmas or blackfriday, or even next year when prices drop further??
my specs are
fx 4100 cpu at 3.6
8gb ddr3 ram at 1333
sapphire hd 5770

some upcoming games ill be playing are assassins creed 3, ghost recon future soldier, skyrim w/as many mods as i can put on, borderlands 2 and possibly crysis 3

what would be my most cost effective or most intelligent choice?
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  1. One thing i've read is the XFX 6870 is very noisy even when idle. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEHBlFg2Qsc
  2. its moderately strong, just teh xfx 68xx models are loud.
  3. ahhh.
    noisy doesnt bother me too much but my friend isnt buying my card anymore so ill keep my 5770 for a little longer.
    thanks thouggh, its good t know that
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