Hello buddies i need help from you i have
Intel Pentium Dual Core E5200 2.500 Mhz
on Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2C
HD: 2GB DDR2 800
Gpu GeForce GT210 but i like to upgrade in Asus HD7750
PSU:Linkworld Model:LPJ2-23
can i run 7750 with that power supply for now? Pls tell me im little low on money for now :S Ty in advance..
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  1. Eh. I never even heard of that brand to be honest. I would honestly switch it for a 500W XFX/Thermaltake/Corsair PSU. But I think it should be good.
  2. did you check this on the link Discontinued so go with the payturr answer.
  3. i wouldnt even try running on that pos powersupply.

    here somethings decent recommandation: at 44$ at a minimum or this for 62$

    than ur set to go for that 7750 :)
  4. ty for your recommandation but like i said im little low on money right now and in my country that products is not 44$ or 62$ but much more expensive so can i run with my power supply one month or 2 that is my question in further way i will upgrade my power suply to at least 500 w real power...
  5. You should be fine for now. I have seen these run on 300W power supplies without a hitch. I would recommend the upgrade though, as soon as you can, just to know that your in the clear. I have been running an HD7770 on 350W PSU in my sons machine for over a year now.

    Don't know how much your planning to upgrade but get a PSU with some PCIe power rails so when the time comes, you will be set for the extra power needed for newer cards.
  6. Absolutely u can! Don't worry, your PSU will do good enough. :)
    But if you cover you budget...I suggest you to go for a CORSAIR/SEASONIC PSU.

    I think your question was already answered in this link below,

    Good Luck!
  7. Ty 2 all for helping me im low on budget for now thats why i ask im planing after 2 month to upgrade my psu in Corsair 500 w tnx again
  8. your welcome come back if you need more help.
  9. yes well thats a very bad powersupply, u will run it but if the powersupply dies, thats a risk ur taking.

    when u have the money pm me or msg back here and we will be glad to help
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