Symptoms of a Dead GTX 560?

I recently just received a GTX 560. (3-5days ago now.) and it doesn't work. When I place it inside the computer, the screen is riddled with horizontal white lines. (Artifacts) they are everywhere. When I install the GTX 560 Drivers, and then reboot, I cannot even get past the Windows 7 is Loading... screen. I normally get a pure blank, black screen or a fast BSOD that will restart my computer. Then I go into Safe Mode. And I DO get past the loading screen, but the white line artefacts are still everywhere.

From there, in the "Add or remove programs" list, I uninstall/delete all traces of the 560 Drivers. Then Reboot BUT the damn artifacts are still there, and I no longer get BSODS and blank screens. So I deduced it could be the drivers that are causing BSODS. But the artifacts are still there.

When I place my old graphics card GT 9800, everything is fine. No artifacts, no BSODS, no crashes or anything. But when the GTX 560 is in, Artifacts and Bsods after the Windows Symbol loading screen.

The Few things I HAVE TRIED.

-Uninstalled all the drivers.
-Cleaned the hell out of the mobo, card, all components. (My comp is fairly new, there is no dust anywhere.)
-Removed all dusts, there is NO dust on the fans, or anything.
-Arranged all the cable management. Nothing is in the way or touching the GPU.

Things I have encountered or observed
-The artifacts, (whilst using the GTX 560) are very apparent, EVEN before I get to the windows 7 loading screen.
-I don't crash if I uninstall the drivers.
-I BSOD or Blank black screen after the Windows 7 Loading symbol screen when I have the GTX 560 Drivers installed.
-The artefacts are horizontal white lines riddled across the screen.
-The Graphics card's fan is running fine, making no squeeling sounds or any bad sounds. Fairly quiet.
-At BIOS screen, there are still artifacts.
-Even with Graphics Card drivers uninstalled, there are still artifacts. Even in Safe Mode
-When I take out the GTX 560 and place my old one, Artifacts, BSODS are not present.

My question is, is my GPU completely faulty/dead/defective? And is this fixable?

Specs: 8GB RAM [4x2]
Sandy Bridge 2600 3.4Ghz Proc
Gigabyte Technologies GTX 560 Non TI Dual Fan Edition
800W Thermaltake PSU

Please, help me :(
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  1. Thermaltake PSU might have blown it up! :ouch: Anyways, dead card, that's your answer. You might be able to RMA it to gigabyte, but they are located in China, so you may have problems.
  2. Hmm. So is it definately dead?
  3. Yes.

    amuffin said:
    You might be able to RMA it to gigabyte, but they are located in China, so you may have problems.

    Why would he? There are many local Gigabyte centers.
  4. Sorry for my noobishness, but what is RMA? Ive heard the term thrown around.
  5. Return merchandise authorization. Basically, it's the warranty service.
  6. That sucks, bouguht a brand new card, dies within 48 hours :(
  7. I am pretty sure it arrived dead already.
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