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hello guys, i played GW2 beta event last week I played it with maximum graphics settings getting 45 avg fps at the town 55+ fps out side the town <40 down to 25 in big fights is that normal?
My specs are
Intel core I5 3570K
sapphire HD 7950 @900 MHz
4 GB DDR3 dual channel ram @1333 MHz when playing the game does not exceed the 3 GB
Windows 7 64 bit ultimate
I am playing all the latest games like "skyrim, BF3, Maxpayne3" on the highest possible settings with fps 50+ and those game grarphics are far better than GW2 so what do u think guys is it normal or the game is badly optimized or what?
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  1. You want to overclock your CPU, GW2 is more dependent on CPU than GPU!
  2. My CPU is running at 3.4 - 3.8 Ghz and while playing it never reached over 60% of my CPU usage
  3. Try overclocking and then see the performance increase.
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    not to nitpick but it IS a BETA. drivers probably aren't optimized yet, and the game isn't even finished. they could still be doing final cleanup on code. I wouldn't worry about it till it comes out, beta performance is always worse than the released game
  5. I can't test it now as the beta is now finished.
    I heard it runs at 70+ on much lower specs than mine is that true?
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  7. Game isn't optimized yet, not sure which beta you played, but i heard the first Open Beta weekend only ran on 1 core...

    You should wait till the final game comes out, and then see if u need to change anything
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