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I have too many problems since I got the GTX 580. I mean the day I got it and installed it, I checked GPUZ and the physx option was not checked. Got it to working after doing a reinstallation of drivers 301.42. After a day, the issue happened again on the 580. No physx option was checked in the GPUZ and physx games like metro 2033 started to crash on me. I reinstalled the driver after cleaning it out again. Metro ran fine. Guess what, it happened again all of a sudden.

Just to be safe, I reinstalled the entire Windows 7 and also with the latest drivers 301.42. I had overclocked my card to 835Mhz/2050 memory. After a day or two, I check GPUZ and again no physx. games started to crash on me. So I cleaned up all the drivers and then installed 296.10 drivers. I was just playing Mafia 2 for 15 to 20 minutes and all of a sudden, the game crashed. Checked GPUZ and once again, the damn physx option unchecked.

What is going on? I never had any such issue with nvidia drivers when I had my 560Ti overclocked or non overclocked. Please help me out guys.
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    What PSU you on?

    EDIT: found Corsair TX 750V2

    Disable the power saving mode in Nvidia CP, and see if this increases stability, also what GPU voltage are you set to?

    Hey forgot so soon reckon. You and matto helped me set my GPU voltage. anyways. Its set to 1050mv. Ran Heaven, no crashes at all. Its only the Physx which is troubling me. I dont know the reason for it.
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    The installer included with Mafia II (i am guessing this is a steam version, and not a pirate version).

    Go to your steam directory, wherever you have it installed..

    Here is an example from my PC:
    D:\Steam\steamapps\common\metro 2033

    If installed to C drive, it will be in the Program Files X86 folder.

    Go inside the Mafia installation folder, and there should be a PhysX installer somewhere within the root, or in a folder in that directory.

    Install this, and retry your game ;)

    I already tried that when I installed Mafia 2. anyways, I have enabled the 'Maximum Performance mode' under NVC. Will check it out and let you know if it crashes. Thanks mate.
  3. Could be a bad card, not saying it is, but i had a 9800GTX that i couldn't play for more then awhile before a game crashed, and in certain games i would get artifacts and then they'd crash, luckily for me it was an EVGA card. Got on the forums and someone helped me out and with a bit of time RMA'd it and they sent me a new one and problem was solved. Unless Recon is right, i mean he could be but i still think you got a dud card which is possible, best idea to make sure you still have warranty on it. Just FYI, just an opinion.
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    Np ;)

    Hey reckon, I played Mafia for about 20 minutes now but found no issues. I dont think its a bad card buddy. DO you?

    Its only after a day or two this physx thing happens all of a sudden even if I dont play games. I mean, I just open up GPU Z and then notice that the Physx indicator is vanished. I dunno!!! Strange. :heink:
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    One more thing, I just played battlefield 3 for the first time. I started the train level and supposedly after 5 min, the game crashed. I think the overclock is not stable even at 1050mv. I reverted back to stock. I personally think that my card is not a good overclocker.

    So what do you think reckon. Should I just keep the card OC'd to 835Mhz without any memory Overclocking as I had it at 2050Mhz?
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    Turn mem down to 2000.

    I played Battlefield 3 with stock clocks for 30 minutes and had no crashes. It plays fine at stock. I think my overclock is not stable.
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    Reason for why i said to bring your mem down and if temperatures stay below 85c, add a little voltage.

    For now I am staying at stock until I get an aftermarket cooler. I saw some strange things since last two days with my 580. Last week I believe, my 580 even overclocked used to idle at 35 to 40 degrees and would stay there until I launched and played games. But now for some reason, it idles at 37 degrees and within a span of 5 minutes even with no 3d activity on my PC, the idle temps go to 50 degrees that too with a custom fan profile. Strange!!!!! Do you know, there's no dust in my PC, all fans working tip top but why is this happening? Any idea guys.

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