5870 whattt?

Isn't the ATI Radeon HD 5870 a fairly old and outdated card? I want to know because I just stumbled over something ridiculous, I think.
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  1. Yes it is.
  2. Then why is apple releasing it into the new Mac Pro and introducing it as some top of the line thing? Especially in $2,500-$5,000 dollar machine?



    Read through the links and look at what they are trying to pull. That's crazy.
  3. I stopped reading after I saw Intel Xeon “Westmere” CPU PC for $5k.. That's 2 generations old CPU. They are just scamming their customers..
  4. they are old but thier performance is still rocking the same story of GTX 480.
  5. Errr... 'Cos it's an Apple product.....
    They do that to everything....
  6. I would not say that their performance rocks for such price point.. Huge waste of money. They want $225 for 3 GB RAM :lol:
  7. the ''new mac pro"? "new". with westmere and nehalem cpus options? that "new" mac pro is still the one they've been selling for 2 years, and so is the graphics card.
  8. Quote:
    I so want those 12 cores, oh wait.... what about my PC games... oh back to my PC ahhhhhhhh.

    In theory; couldn't you just install a different OS on the HDD and play your PC games though? (Not saying that system is worth it 5k but yeah.)
  9. Quote:
    My rig is worth roughly $1500....
    It runs circles round that machine for my tasks (gaming/video editing/ some rendering)

    BUT IT'S NOT A MAC :pfff: :pfff: :pfff:
  10. Hey, since you guys seem like you are pretty good with graphics (your badges). I was wondering if you could assist me. I'm building a machine with an AMD x4 975 BE and a ASUS M5A97 Mobo, and a TX750 corsair gaming enthusiast. All this time I have been thinking AMD gpu since I'm going with an AMD cpu, but that's not how it works and I have been trying to explore nVIDA options but all the different versions of the same card confuse me (example TI, fermi, GTS, GT, GTX, and so on). I know the TI is suppose to stand for titanium and Fermi is the architecture but it's still all confusing figuring it out in one night. My previous option was an AMD 6870, it's a decent card for under $200 dollars and that's my price for now. Do you know of any other cards nVIDIA or AMD that out preform the 6870 for under 200 bucks? My friend built his system with a nVidia 480 Fermi, but yeah.
  11. I'm not sure, I haven't talked to him in a while he's too busy playing Diablo 3 on it. We also only talk over Skype. But it seems to be better than the 6870 in benchmarks, but it uses a lot of power as well doesn't it? I know the 750 should handle it?
  12. Is the CUDA cores only an nVida thing? On the 6870 I see Stream Processors but no CUDA cores and on the 480 I see CUDA cores but no Stream Processors

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150521 <-- the version I was personally thinking about getting.
  13. What do they do?
  14. Processes graphics. AMD use stream name and Nvidia uses Cuda name. In essence, it's the same thing.
  15. I'm buying later this summer and during that time I will do more research and develop an opinion on the topic of my own, but pretty much the 480 will out preform the 6870 in most applications/games/benchmarks right?
  16. In all of them. By a lot. GTX 480 is around 31% faster than HD 6870.
  17. Quote:
    In everything yes.

    Go to my Youtube channel and watch all footage, it is all GTX 480 benchmarks.


    Am I to assume you have a 480 as well sir? :P
  18. Were you running 2 in this video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Um3lsIf9Me4&feature=plcp

    Also did you overclock your GPU to 900mhz? bc in the one we were looking at the core clock is 700mhz
  19. Quote:
    That is a single GTX 480 at 900mhz, the only SLi video i have is of Crysis 1, and says so clearly in the title.

    You will never reach 900mhz on the stock cooler, but you can hit 800mhz without touching voltages, this will give you GTX 580 performance ;)

    It's a shame my mobo only supports cross fire.
  20. Quote:
    This is the vid you were speaking of, single GTX 480 @ 900mhz custom air 2560x1600 ULTRA

    Yeah how would the stock 480 at 700mhz do in frame rate in that game?
  21. Quote:
    Brilliantly, that was at double HD resolution.

    It scored 24min/39 average/57max, fluidly playable!

    At 1920x1080 38min/ 55average/ 80+max

    Here is 1920x1080 with 4x MSAA version of that run:

    Was that version also while it was at 900mhz though?
    It looks really nice. I'm probably going to go with this card.
  22. Quote:
    I gained around 10fps on minimums and average fps.
    If you play with only 2xmsaa and ssao, the 480 can handle it easily at stock clocks.

    Lol Sorry for the 150 questions. What do you think the max temps should be coming from this card with stock cooler under full load? Just to be sure I don't get a bad or defective heatsink. Like what temps should I start to be concerned?
  23. How can a mobo only support crossfire and or SLI and a PSU support SLI and or crossfire? Aren't they pretty much the same thing? My mobo says it is crossfire x support, and my PSU says it has SLI support but not crossfire? how can a psu not support one but not the other.
  24. Quote:
    Link me your motherboard please.

    Mobo- someone says it in the reviews, and it only states it supports CrossfireX in the features.

    PSU- under details it says SLI yes Crossfire no
  25. Quote:
    Excellent PSU!

    Thank you :)
    I'm having a problem though lol. My CPU just went out of stock >:O
    I read a article somewhere that that'd be happening soon. It's out of stock on new egg, I'm hoping they will still have it someone else by the time I order. My luck is amazingg >:) lol....
  26. Quote:

    No I was looking at the 975 its just a tad faster, they still have the 965 on new egg too, so if all else fails I could just down grade 200 mhz
  27. Quote:
    Get the 965, you can clock to the same clock easy...

    I have no experience what so ever with over clocking, but I suppose since it's the Black edition they made it easy.
  28. Quote:
    Yes... the difference is not worth the cost of the 975.

    why is it that you cant find the 1090t's anymore?
  29. Quote:
    Gone like hot cakes..

    Well I assume we are getting off topic a bit talking about cpu's and all, and I'm going to head to bed or get off for a bit I have been up all night. Is it okay if I message sometime if I have any issues or problems?
  30. All right will do. Lol and good luck with that.
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