Titanium HD

I just bought a Titanium HD... and i dont think i like it..

I was on a xonar DX 7.1, and i already miss the 7.1..

The HD is great for music and actually allows me to draw bass from my ad700's...

however the sound just sounds muddy and bleak in the HD for gaming..

Am i setting it up wrong, or is the HD just not as good as people say it is?
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  1. why you get rid of your xonar DX 7.1?
  2. I didnt get rid of it. I still have it.. and im going to try and return my HD tomorrow.. lol
  3. can i get your review of the xonar DX 7.1 pls

    Creative Sound Blaster Z and zx suposidly fix the problems of the recon but unsure
  4. The Xonar Dx is awesome. Never let me down.. the audio quality is.. slightly less then the HD but for the price of the card compared to everything else its great.

    It has no built in amp though, so it cannot drive heavy headphones. The accuracy is pretty good aswell. Drivers dont give much bass though.. but its great for music besides that
  5. thx
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