Upgrading Q6600 based machine

Hey all,

I have a Q6600 CPU with a Dell stock mobo, GTX 480, and 4GB DDR3.

I've benchmarked it and it runs pretty well on Skyrim, Just Cause 2, and Crysis on 1920x1080 and High settings but no or minimal AA and AF. The problem occurs when encountering scenes with plenty of objects, people, etc. I'm guessing this is a CPU or RAM bottleneck. Volumetric effects also cause it some degree of problems, as well as heavy motion blur.

Overall I'm looking for the most cost-effective upgrade for under $200 that I can make, that would enable no problems on Very High settings for all games on 1920x1080, without AA or AF.

I'm either considering an upgrade on the CPU to maybe Core 2 Extreme, or a new mobo that would let me overclock the Q6600. But overclocking would probably mean a new cooling system as well, since these GTX's already run pretty hot.

Any thoughts or other suggestions?
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  1. I would recomend a 750i or 780i SLI board for OC'ing.

    Core 2 extreemes are going to be really expensive (more than an i5 now)

    Try overclocking your Q6600 if you havent already.

    The GTX 480 is at the same level with the Q6600, the preformance vs bottleneck isnt very bad with this combo.

    If your board supports 8GB DDR3, get it done, memory is really cheap.
  2. Any other good LGA 775 boards out there?

    What kind of framerate jump can I expect to see?
  3. If you yu are running an OEM OS (the original version of windows that came w/ the Dell, it is tied to the mobo & legally, you would need to buy a new OS if you upgrade/change your mobo.

  4. Seems like the second link is the same as the first...can you repost this?

    Can you also give me a few more mobo suggestions? Preferably with DDR3 supporting, SLI-capable, good overclocking and less than $200?
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