Which is better? sapphire radeon 6850 or GTX 460

i cant choose between them bacause they are good GPU's. i need to upgrade because i have a shitty asus geforce gt210
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  1. intel dual core g620 2.4ghz (i think)
    4 gb integral ram
    500gb seagte barracuda ssd
    450w PSU (i think its winpower)
    windows 7 ultimate 32-bit
    P8H61-M LE/USB3
  2. i have around £150. i can get more but it depends on what you say or recommend :)
  3. what do you mean by bottleneck
  4. lethalsam said:

    im from the uk
  5. Quote:
    A bottleneck is a phenomenon where the performance or capacity of an entire system is limited by a single or limited number of components or resources. The term bottleneck is taken from the 'assets are water' metaphor. As water is poured out of a bottle, the rate of outflow is limited by the width of the conduit of exit—that is, bottleneck. By increasing the width of the bottleneck one can increase the rate at which the water flows out of the neck at different frequencies. Such limiting components of a system are sometimes referred to as bottleneck points.

    you just copied that of wikipedia. i wanted something shorter and simpler xD
  6. so is it basically, that my CPU you wont be able to handle it?
  7. ok i understand thanks.
  8. what about the ati radeon 4890 over cocked?
  9. Quote:
    What do you mean by overcocked do you want to eat this in you dinner?

    If you want to write overclocked then i say no because many new games need DirectX 11 and 4890 does not supports DirectX 11 but it is better then the both other cards

    Correction- not only 4890 all 4000 series doesn't supports DirectX 11

    "What do you mean by overcocked do you want to eat this in you dinner?" - it takes one to know one :)

    and does it matter if it doesnt support DirectX 11
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