My case's USB 3.0 ports don't work... (SOLVED)

I have recently bought a new case with all the things I upgraded, but I just noticed that my USB 3.0 ports do not work. I have the USE 3.0 cord installed propperly(I think). Is there something you have to do on windows or the BIOS to initialize ports that have simply been switched out for others that are the same?

I just found this thread again and thought I would post an update. None of the responses really solved my problem so I won't select a best answer but the problem had to do with the motherboard not supporting the thermaltake USB 3.0 for some reason but it did support the old case's. I switched motherboards and the thermaltakeUSB 3.0 worked.
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  1. How so don't they work? Like they don't operate at USB 3.0 speeds? Or they just don't work with any USB device at all?
  2. They don't work with any USB device, but the 2.0 ones on the case work. I have the USB 3.0 plug plugged into the propper place on the Mother board.
  3. Some motherboards provide USB3 ports via a secondary chip and need the driver installed, also check that it is enabled in bios.
  4. How would on go about checking to see if it is enable n the BIOS? The interal port is directly connected to the motherboad not a secondy chip.
  5. Press 'delete' or 'F2' when you turn the Pc on, that should get you into the bios screen, and there may be a usb3.0 related box in one of the tabs
    ensure that it is set to enabled
  6. when it turns on mine says press esc for startup menu and I don't see USB 3.0 anywhere in the menus, but my old case had two USB 3.0's so I don't understand why there is no setting for it. It appears that there is no power going to the ports but the USB 3.0 connecteris plugged in. Is there any other connection that I need?
  7. In Device manager if I add the device will it work? I unplugged the 3.0 plug and replugged it into the motherboard and nothing happened.
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