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I have had my dell Inspiron 1720 for 5 or 6 years now... its used for gaming suffering the web and watching movies..

I upgraded the CPU to a t8300 and gave it 4 GB ram from 2 GB.. this was done about 8 months ago....

I have had a problem in the past were the processor would not engage at anything passed 775mh but a simple re-image of the system fixed that and then i replace the processor.

so the main question is should i buy a new system or should i upgrade to a 256 GB SSD drive because the drive on this one is about 6 years old..
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  1. get a new system. not much point of adding a good SSD when the system bottlenecks it
  2. true or should i get a hybrid 500gb HDD i just not sure i want to spend the money cause this is a at work play or on the road play not my main.
  3. you could use that as well. if you dont need too much storage, a 128gb SSD would be fine. is selling a transfer kit with the 128gb crucial m4 for only 99.99 right now
  4. ya bad thing is i have a 140 GB right now and it sits at 80% cause i save movies and many different games on here... but should i just go with the hybrid and save cash seeing as this is not a critical system or should i replace it... that's my delima i don't know what i want to do and would like advice and reasoning to help me decide..

    thank you
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    im using a 2007-8 hp elitebook and it is pretty ok for me since all i do is type and answer to these forums on it. im pretty sure i have a hybrid drive since it takes seconds for my programs to fire up and get running

    if you would like to just spend a hundred dollars or so on a upgrade, i dont see too much of a deal since the system is doing fine. if it has problems such as battery life and slow CPU, id definitly get a new system
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  7. Thanks man ya since i replaced the battery 5 months ago and did the cpu replacement and ram upgrade it runs fine so i believe i will just get a hybrid and replace the HDD for more storage and so that it doesn't go out on me.... thank again
  8. personally i would have never bothered to replace the battery and the CPU but it seems that the system has done you well enough for you to consider these expensive upgrades

    no problem :D
  9. truth be told the cpu and battery cost me 50 bucks
  10. ok then. that was pretty worth it given how dell usually rips people off
  11. ya i dont buy from dell ebay amazon newegg the laptop i have now is the last and will be the last time i buy from them
  12. ok then. have fun with the upgrade. just make sure that after you use cloning software to clone the drive, you will have to call microsoft or something to get the windows recognized again
  13. thanks for the tip cause i would have forgot that lol
  14. no problem again
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