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Actually I have an Intel 2500k @4.5GHz and a ASUS Maximus IV Extreme-Z MoBo, I think IB is not worth the upgrade, but I'm wondering how much better are going to be the Haswell processors.
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  1. nobody really knows until they release it and people perform benchmarks....but its supposed to be another 5-10 percent in cpu performance and there heavily investing in their integrated gpu....and if you do plan to upgrade to a haswell cpu then you will need another motherboard because their basing their haswell chips on a 1150 socket.
  2. PCI Express v3.0 is where most the magic from Ivy Bridge comes from IMHO.
    - Yes the CPU is generally better than the Sandy Bridge but the delta between the 2000 series and 3000 series isn't huge.

    I'm expecting Haswell to be more integrated with Intel Thunderbolt technology and still have PCI Express v3.0.

    It might be +15% better at IPC per clock, just to really stick it to AMD's micro-architecture --- keeping it 3 years behind Intel.

    It will include AVX2, which will really put AMD at a disadvantage however I don't think it'll be used by much until new updates for Windows 8 are released.


    It may even be ~ +17.5% faster per clock over Sandy/Ivy Bridge, if the cache is going to be redesigned then it will keep performance higher during heavier workloads and it looks like it will definitely have more (visible) registers.
  3. Unknown. But I'm betting on less than 10% over Ivy Bridge simply because Intel needs to focus on lowering power consumption to improve battery life in convertible laptops and tablets.

    Broadwell will likely be the CPU that will see a 10%+ gain over Haswell since the transistors will be shrunk down to 14nm which means Intel can increase the performance while at least maintaining the same power consumption as Haswell.

    I would therefore wait for either Broadwell or Skylake (2015) if I already have an i5-2500k.
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