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Hey I'm planning to get a new computer by the end of August hopefully, or wait for a black friday sale. I want to stick with AMD processors because they are cheap and IMO reliable. I will play some games on this machine like Skyrim, Diablo and Fallout. I'm hoping to keep this computer for 5 years and occasionally buy a new video card when the Nvidia 500 series gets cheaper. I already have a mouse and a monitor from my dad. My original budget was $700 dollars so any money saving tips will be helpful. If you read all that hats off to you. :D

Parts List:
Windows 7:

DVD Burner: $20

Hard Drive: $50

Motherboard: (Note this comes with Diablo 3) $150

GPU: (Comes with Dirt 3) $169

PSU: $50

Keyboard: $10

Memory: $43

SSD: $40

Case: (Either this or the 932) $110

CPU: $90

P.S Should I get the 6850 instead of the 6870? or should I get the 560 se
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  1. Wouldn't recommend getting an SSD at this budget honestly.

    AMD is not the route, specially at this budget. The board you chose is also pretty expensive, lop siding the build. Whats most important is the GPU and CPU as you stated. The case is also way too much for the budget. Don't cheap out on a PSU.

    Check out my $650 build here:
    You can use the refurbished drive -$30
    Switch to this GPU (+$70 before $20 MIR)
    Total: $690 before Windows

    Windows: http://www.softwaresupplygroup.com/microsoft-windows-7-home-premium-64-bit-oem-branded.html

    FX 8150 vs i5 2400
    If you look the SB chip has a huge advantage especially in frames. Another thing, the i5 3450 is better than the i5 2400 by about 7.5% roughly.

    7850 vs 6870
    The 7850 easily overclocks to the GTX 570~580 performance. Runs cooler, and with less power. Quieter as well.
  2. can i cheap out and go with the i5 2310 or 2400 and get a gtx 560 se
  3. Well... Considering both are only roughly $10 less it is your choice whether or not the difference is justified.

    The GTX 560 SE is even worse than the 6870 by a long shot. If you have no complaints with the 6870 you can just use my $650 without upgrading the GPU. Just keep the same refurbished hard drives and get windows where I suggested for less.
  4. is the 6850 a drastic drop from the 6870
  5. Somewhat. Not a HUGE one but the 6870 is about this much better:
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