Question about PCI slot.

Hi all, just built my computer today everything is working fine. There is one problem though my graphics card took two slot including the PCI Express X1 slot. Due to this reason I can't not install my PCI-E wireless card.

So I decided to buy a PCI wi-fi card instead. But what I noticed is that the PCI slot on my motherbroad only have one notch on the right hand side and no notches on the left hand side. And basically I don't know if it will fit since the card have one on the left hand side and one on the right.

Here's a link to the motherboard I'm currently using.

From the picture there is only one notch on the right of the PCI slot.

Here's the link on the PCI wireless card that I want to purchase.

Thanks I hope that this doesn't sound a bit confusing.
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  1. It should work.
  2. It will be fine. I don't remember why that second notch is there but it will be just find in your board.
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