Did I miss something (running Guild Wars 2)?

Hey all,

I started playing Guild Wars 2 a week ago and was pleasantly surprised by how well this system is able to run the game, after what I'd read previously about it being heavily CPU-bound.


AMD Ahtlon II X2 270 (Phenom II based) - £40. Stock frequency: 3.4Ghz (17x200). 2x1MB L2 cache, no L3 cache. 45nm, 65w TDP.

Disabled Cool'N'Quiet, increased FSB to 259, adjusted HT Link ratio and FSB:RAM ratio. Applied AS5 and all-copper after-market HSF (Thermaltake V1)

Stable 4.4Ghz overclock - idle temps, 25C; load, 44C (with PWM controlled HSF on minimum RPM).

This setup, in combination with a Sapphire 7770 1GB (at stock), plus 4GB DDR2 @ 860Mhz gives me 60FPS consistently with most settings on high.

I was planning to upgrade to a Phenom II X4 965 in January, but this setup has proved to be surprisingly effective, so I thought I'd share it... I don't know how game code is optimized at present (favours higher clocks vs 'moar coars' at lower frequencies?).

Dual-core FTW, eh?
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  1. Have you tried playing WvW with that system ? The PVP portion brings dips of min FPS of 30 or below even with SB and IB CPU's that are overclocked.
  2. I think he just wants a forum URL that he can link to, to 'fool' someone into buying a PC of this spec to run Guild Wars 2 at a constant 60fps.
    - This is Toms Hardware mate, people here don't fall for this sort of stuff...

    It's more that the current AMD FX-#### processors aren't much better than the AMD Ahtlon II X2 anyway.

    I'd hate to see how it handles the scenario Orlean describes.
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