Full tower questions, so many options

So the last thing I need to chose for my build is the tower. Im dead set on a full or super full tower and I want to meet my cooling needs (air cool only) with the best bang for the buck. Absolute limit is 200$ but I prefer to stay around 150.

Im doing an i7-3770k build with a gtx670, now I do plan to overlock the GPU and I might dabble in doing mild overlocking on the CPU, but I may never attempt to, I just like the option.

After doing a lot of reading I found out that the HAF X is regarded as the best air cooling case but do I honestly need that? the phantom is on sale on newegg right now for $100.

I really don't plan to upgrade and switch fans if I don't need to, so the best cooling case out of the box appeals to me more than the best cooling one after mods.

So many options,

haf 932 advanced, haf x, phantom, storm trooper, antec 1200, rosewill thor 2, rosewill blackhawk, thermaltake chaser mk, thermaltake overseer, in win dragon rider.

Will all these cool my system fine and I should merely go with looks/ ease of use? so many options!!! lol
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  1. i will giveu a few options:


    the thor very nice and has nice options.


    cougar full tower very nice also.


    xclio case, very nice with blue front led fan :)

    and lastly:


    the case from nxzt phantom very good.

    so from these 4s id say choose with one u like the most visually, since there all solid choices.

    storm trooper is decent also.

  2. NZXT, Good quality Antec's (no PSU), Lian Li, etc.
  3. ah ok, so basically they are all nice cases and since im not going to need any extreme cooling needs, I should just pick what I think looks nice. Ty for the help
  4. actually, I guess a better question would be, which one comes with stock better fans, aka stock better airflow?
  5. phantom comes with 4 fans so i guess thats the one thats got the most :)
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