AMD Budget gaming build (for WoW/please look over)

Okay so I'm ordering my parts tomorrow, how do you guys think this rig will play world of Warcraft on ultra, 1600x900.

Phenom x4 965
Asus M5A97 AM3+ 970
HIS 7770 ghz edition

I already own

8Gb Ripjaw 1333
500gb Western digital blue 6 sata
Lg optical drive
550w psu

& a case I forget the name it's been awhile but I decided to finish now. I am hoping to be able to at least play on high at 1600x900 native. Also no point suggesting Intel, I'm going to go with AMD for now.
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  1. It will run ultra, I currently have a 560 Ti and it runs ultra like a dream
  2. Shockattackr said:
    It will run ultra, I currently have a 560 Ti and it runs ultra like a dream

    Yeah but the 560 ti is a lot more power ful then my card
  3. Arent you Picking up the 7770 GHz?
  4. a 7770 ghz should perform similarish to the 6850, which is still a decent ways from a 560ti
  5. It doesnt matter, WoW is not GPU dependant. It will run wow on ultra just fine... I know someone that has a 3.2Gz Athlon that has a 7770 (non Ghz edition), and a fudged install of Windows she gets ~40 fps
  6. hmmm i thought the 7770 was better :s
  7. 7770 and 6850 are almost on the same playing field. The 6850 will do better with simple games, the 7770 will do better with more intensive games. As far as the 560 Ti, well I honestly cant say 1 good thing about mine. And I have one of the better ones... its OC'ed super hard and it still underperforms a friends of mine stock 6850.
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