EVGA GTX 570 Boot Screen wont fill screen.

At Boot the Sabertooth Z77, and ultimately on the hackintosh side the Apple Boot Screen is at a resolution smaller than my screen.
The boot logo screen only takes up 75% of real-estate on my 27". Why wont it display in 1080p.

If I hook up the HDMI cable to the Mobo HDMI port and take advantage of HD4000 then it takes up whole screen.

ASUS Sabertooth Z77
Intel core I7-3770 3.4Ghz
EVGA Gtx 570 1280MB
16GB DDR3 1600
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  1. Oho, this sounds interesting. Does it do this with any other cable types? dvi/vga/etc or with adapter cables?
  2. It's your monitor. My monitor does the same if I hook it up using dvi cable, but works on other connections fine. Tested other monitors and confirmed it was a monitor issue. Is it really a problem? I mean, it's only while booting, and it couldn't take long with an SSD, could it? :)
  3. Its not a problem at all, I was just wondering why there would be a difference in boot resolution between HD4000 and GTX570 HDMI connection.

    Side Note, I have yet to try DVI connection.
  4. dont forget to put the bios updates on that sabertooth...the new one are for cpu code and memory.
    most boot screen are dos based and low res so most monitor can sink up with a pc when it boots. the old vga standard that still sticking with mb vendors. most people have issue where the bios and boot screen are to large to fit on a scan and they can change or scroll. i think your monitor/tv and other now fix that by shrinking the image to fit.
  5. Well its definitely not an issue with the monitor because The ASUS Sabertooth Boot Graphic takes up the whole screen when HDMI cable is plugged into the Motherboard HDMI Port, it only becomes smaller when used with EVGA Card.
  6. Anyone?? Anyone?
  7. It does same for me. Integrated graphics doesn't do it with my monitor. GTX 560 Ti doesn't do it with another monitor. Can't really tell you what's up. Might be monitor + nvidia protocol of some kind..
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