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Hey just got a Samsung monitor that only accepts vga and dvi ports plugged the vga then converted it to dvi towards the computer but the sound isn't working is their a specific driver i have to install? help a gent out beeples
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  1. In a VGA or DVI connection, sound is not processed. An HDMI connection can handle both sound and image. You have to use an audio device such as speakers or headphones to get sound working.
  2. i see no sound port on my monitor and the port on my desktop aren't working i've already used hdmi on this rig before and i know all the drivers are updated and working with hdmi but the aren't working with vga or dvi this moniter has no hdmi port so i can't really do much unless you go more tips
  3. could i possibly buy an adapter that allows me to change the input in my monitor to hdmi
  4. No. It has to be an HDMI to HDMI connection for the sound to work. What are your system specs?
  5. Quote:
    This might be an stupid question but...does your monitor even has speakers??

    yeah mate don't sweat a question is never stupid
  6. DANWIN said:
    yeah mate don't sweat a question is never stupid

    What monitor is it?
  7. AbdullahG said:
    No. It has to be an HDMI to HDMI connection. What are your system specs?

    does this have anything to do with my system this has to do with my monitor really the only two port on it is dvi and vga no hdmi
  8. here for the both of yall the hardware specs
    and i did answer you just read my response wrong that was my fault
  9. i see now that my monitor has no speakers thanks i solve my own problem with your help thanks for support mates
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