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I am getting a inspiron 15r laptop and i need to know if it will be good enough to play some games shuch as Railworks 3 and Star Trek Online. it has a i7 3612qm and intel hd graphics 4000. i am also thinking about a HP g6t-2000 with a i5 321
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    As is it will run much better than what you have... Plus it is probably a lot cheaper.

    With that said, if you got the A8 or A10 version it would be even better... If you decided to get the dedicated video, it would be EVEN better!!! Still is probably cheaper than any notebook with a i7.
  2. I am also thinking of getting a HP dv6z-7000 with a A10 4600m or a dv6t-7000 with a i5 3210m.

    I if anyone knows the best configureation for a sub $800 laptop i would like to know it.
  3. The A10 will be better than anything Intel has to offer that isnt paired with at least a 550 or better.,3202-9.html

    This is just the A10, without any special hardware around it. Get some nice RAM and watch it flow... If you was to pair it with the video card you will be very pleased. That is right at $800.
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