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I got a Gigabyte motherboard and the LED on it does not turn on, and doesn't boot, but will it still power? Like, when I press the power button (or short the pins) the fans, heatsink, etc. turn on, but the monitor shows no sign of booting and the cpu doesn't get hot indicating that its not doing anything. Would this happen if it was a DOA motherboard or is my CPU bad?
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  1. I'm a bit worried when you say the CPU does not get hot, how do you know that ?

    Mactronix :)
  2. It sounds like it might be a video issue. Yeah how do you know the cpu isn't getting hot if you have a heatskink on it? The CPU pins on the motherboard could have an issue, but I don't think your motherboard is dead since other things are turning on (I'm assuming your components that are turning on are powered from the motherboard not directly from the power supply.) How is your display connected to the PC? Do you have a HDMI cable going out from the graphics card?
  3. I ran it without the cover, and the heatsink typically blows out hot air, and I stopped the fan for a few seconds to see if the cpu heated up and the fan was gonna blow out a burst of hot air. And for now, its using a VGA display.
  4. I wouldn't rely on the temperature feel of the CPU as a solid indication of whether it's working or not. Can you try other video output options? Like HDMI from the back I/O panel or graphics card?
  5. I've tried using different graphics cards. it didn't work. I've also tried the onboard one.
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