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Will it bottleneck?

I am thinking about buying a ati radeon hd 7850 graphics card, but I am not sure if it will bottleneck my cpu. If not, what is the fastest card I can get without bottleneck?
CPU - AMD Phenom x4 2.5ghz
Chipset - AMD 780G
PCI Express x16
500 watt power supply
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  1. It's hard to determine, but for many games it will bottleneck. What games do you plan to play?
  2. Battlefield 3
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    veldy23 said:
    Battlefield 3

    Battlefield 3 is heavily CPU bound (At least when I was playing it back when it came out), so that processor will more than likely be a bottleneck for that game and others such as Civilization V, Total War: Shogun 2, Terra, and others. If you could manage to overclock it to, say, the 3.2Ghz range, you will be better off for sure.
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