Should I sell or repair?

I don't know if this is the right section or not...

I have an Asus G50 VT-X5 that has been sitting around for a couple months now. I know it needs a new Hard Drive as the original one gave out. It runs pretty hot too (apparently this fault was common in this particular laptop). I'm wondering if I should just sell it broken/for parts (Have no clue how much it is worth as is?) or spend the money to repair it and sell it afterwards.

From what I have found the Overheating Graphics Card replacement is ~200 +/- and the hard drive would just be whatever run-of-the-mill 7200rpm laptop HDD is on sale online. I'm trying to get some money together to build a new system to game on.
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    Well the Intels run hot anyways...

    Regardless I would get a HD and replace it and sell it as a working computer before I loose all that money and sell it broken.

    I am not a Intel fan, nor am I a fan of notebooks (especially 15" ones). This is, anymore, a average notebook. I wouldnt sell it for more than $300-350 fixed and $150-200 broke.

    As far as keeping it goes, I would get a HD, install windows with all of the upto date drivers from ASUS, and see if it meets your needs. A lot of times a clean install of windows and having all your drivers upto date makes a big difference.

    PS dont ruin it by letting windows seach for the drivers, actually go to ASUS's website and download them, put them on a USB pen, and install them. Dont connect to the internet before you get every last one of them installed...
  2. Sounds like a plan, I'll see if I can get a good price on a hard drive and go from there. Like I said, I've never really sold any of my computers. That particular one is just collecting dust and I really want ever dollar towards my new build I am planning on.
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  4. Question: Did you have the restore discs made for the computer. If you don't you'll likely have a difficult time installing windows without a new copy. (It maybe possible, but I don't think it's easy)
  5. Look, just grab a ISO off of any torrent site (this is not illegal so dont even start). Then when installing it and it ask for the product key, turn your computer upside down and type it in.

    Honestly I think that I would probably fix it and sell it. It would be worth a pretty penny on the market today.
  6. Update: Asus, found out the HDD was not faulty, the restore disk I had was apparently corrupted, installed Windows 7 with no trouble and got new drivers, runs perfect! Now, just looking to get a cheap HDD to put into an old Gateway I have so I can keep it hooked up to my TV.
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