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ide like to know what the best upgrade for my pc would be i currently have an amd fx 6100 @4.2ghz an amd radeon hd6850 xxx edition card an ssd and 8gb ddr3 1600mhz ram, i use my rig primarily for gaming and would like to know what buy as an upgrade i dont want the whole amd vs intel lecture i unlike most people understand that most cpu's will do the job as a modern cpu is powerful and gpu is the usual bottleneck i will be upgrading cpu preferabbly when amd release next years fx if they are a good improvement, if they fail i will wait and save for an intel extreme edition why not go overkill ;D and for my upgrade i want to know to either buy another 6850, buy a gtx 670, or 7970, or wait for amd's next gen 8000 card's ?? any thoughts i play at 1080p
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  1. yeah an intel cpu will spank an amd however looking at the fx 8350 it has caught up a lot and spanks intel in threaded enviorements its just not got that single threaded performance and intel will never beat amd with laptop cpu's and ultrabook's not in the next few years anyway the apu approach of amd is much better then any intel integrated solution of course you could pay an extra £100 for dedicated card in your laptop but no point when the apu has one as equally powerful

    and yes on topic i am really confused on what to get gpu wise as a second 6850 though would bump performance massively for little money, yet the 7970 and 670 are kick ass cards, also consider that amd have said that the radeon hd 8000 series is due in 2013 around Q2 seems very early but they ditched the hd 7990 and are apparently skipping straigh to the hd 8000 series to jump the guns on nvidia, but i still dont know whats the best choice, even if no hd 8000 card;s appear for a few years the 670 kick's the *** out of the 7970 in most games but the 7970 has 3gb of vram and performs much better on larger res so essentially is much more future proof? how long do you reckon each card will last before an upgraded is essential (where i can no longer play games on med settings) to justify pricing that would help me make a diccision.
  2. Another 6850 will need more power and you will need alot more cooling.
    The 7970 is only better after 1920x1080 with heavy AA and even after that the GTX670 keeps up.The 7970 may have more ram and bandwidth but that only counts on multiscreen setups.

    Buy the one you like,either 7970 or gtx670 should be enough.

    PS:Your current system is good enough,you are wasting money.
    PS2:AMD CPUs can't even be compared to intel as they will drop in most games because they don't use that many cores.Intel is consistent,you know what you get while AMD you need to pray for games that go with lots of threads.Plus the heat. :p
  3. when i get round to it then ill get whichever one i can get the better deal on then and my current system is good yes but ide preferably like it to hit 60fps on absolutely everything maxed out and it gets 40 fps in bf3 on ultra its still smooth just want it to be up to scratch so i dont have to touch my pc for years :)
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