Nvidia 210GT


i have following config
intel E5700
Asus G41
2 Gb Ram
Asus 210GT silent 1GB DDR3
WD 500GB caviar green SATA

Whenever i try to run games like NFSMW , During game play it seems like it is buffering ... Even at 640*480...

But onboard X4500 does not lag...

Can anyone plz explain why is this so....
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  1. The 210 is a pitiful card. Overclock the memory and core and you can squeeze some extra performance out, but its not a great card.
  2. Yeah ... but main prob is ... how come X4500 thts on board on G41 power my games at
    lower settings without lag....

    at least 210 can crank tht game in 800*600 res. ed settings....???
  3. Because, ironically, the X4500HD has higher memory bandwidth. Overclock your graphics memory using MSI Afterburner.
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