My new rig!!!

I finished building up my rig it's a mid end rig i guess, the specifications are:
dell h61 mobo LGA 1155
PALIT GTX 460 1GB ( its the new version of the card (O'C) which is equal to gtx 560 (non ti)
500 hdd
4 gb ddr 3 1333 fbs
19" dell monitor
500 watt hunt key psu
core i3 2120 3.30 ghz
SO! my question is will i be able to MAX the upcoming games (DARKSIDERS 2, MOH WARFIGHTER, HITMAN ABSOLUTION, ASSASSIN'S CREED 3,COD BLACK OPS 2,CRYSIS 3 (hopefully)..........) ?
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  1. It's fairly capable of maxing up upcoming games, although I wouldn't really recommend a GTX 400 series card unless it was for a really good price. I doubt it'll max out MoH: Warfighter, Crysis 3, or any other graphically demanding game with playable FPS, but with lowered settings you should be fine.
  2. It's not NEARLY powerfull enough to max new games.For example you will be able to play Crysis 2 only on its lowest graphical setting.
    It's still pretty good though its enough for most games at medium settings and some high.
  3. Well, i thought that since I'm able to play BF3, METRO 2033, GTA 4 ON ULTRA, i would be able to max the upcoming titles..... i forgot to mention crysis 2 on ultra too.
  4. I recommend 8Gbs of RAM. (unless your OS is 32bit) if you want to play upcoming games and be a bit future-proof, get that 8GB RAM :)
    ^all my advice lol.

    You can max some upcoming games. (Rome 2 TW)
    Pretty much games that dont require much CPU/GPU power.
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