Radeon HD 5850 Not Running

Hello, I've been trying to solve this for a day now but I'm absolutely fed up. I have a Radeon HD 5850 and I installed it in to my computer. When I go to power up the computer. Everything starts running except for the graphics card. All the fans and my harddrive seem to be working. But the fan on my graphics card doesn't seem to be working.

Motherboard : Evga P55v
Power Supply : Antec EA - 750w
Harddrive : 1TB Barracuda Seagate
Previous Graphics Card : Radeon HD 4350
Current Trying to Install Graphics Card : Radeon HD 5850
CPU : Intel i5 - 750
RAM : 2Gbx2 G.Skill DDR3
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  1. do you get any video? Did you connect 6-pin power connector from your power supply to your graphics card?
  2. Nope no video, my monitor stay's black and doesn't display anything. Yeah I connected both 6-pin's to my graphics card
  3. Then either the card or the motherboard slot is dead.
  4. I just tried the same slot with my old graphics card and it seems to be working. I suppose it might be the graphics card that's dead. I'm going to bring it to my friends place and test it out there.
  5. Great idea. But chances are if even the fans aren't spinning that it's just dead :). Anyway test it out and let us know.
  6. I just came back from my friends place and it turns out the card isn't dead. He suggested to me that I should completely remove the drivers via CCCleaner and such. So that's my next step, I'll probably do it tomorrow since I have some papers to do atm.
  7. That's strange, even without drivers the fans would spin. What's your motherboard model?
  8. It's the EVGA P55V, when I turn it out the motherboard would beep quickly twice, then a second later 8 steady beeps.

    [EDIT]: I was looking into my problem some more, and it seems it might be the power supply. It's somewhat hard to explain but my power supply isn't giving me the correct cords and slots to power my gpu. So I'm considering about buying a new power supply.
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