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I've recently been experiencing problems with my system in the form of random freezes, and I was hoping someone here might be able to help me out.

The problem tends to follow a pattern: I can use my computer fine for a day or two, then at some point, completely at random, my system freezes and I'm unable to do anything else. I get no error message or BSOD: I just get a frozen image on my screen and looping audio from the past second or so.

My system won't reboot after this happens: if I try restarting then it goes into an infinite loop of powering up for a couple of seconds (lights appear on the case and fans start up) followed by shutting itself down and then trying to power up again, etc. The only way to fix this is to open up my case and clear the CMOS, where upon booting I get an error message in the BIOS that overclocking failed and all my settings have been reset to default (even though I never overclock my computer). After this I've typically got a couple of days before this all happens again.

I'm guessing my motherboard is the problem, but I'm still unsure by the nature of these system freezes: could the CPU itself be the issue and the motherboard is simply protecting the system? I can rule out everything else in my system, since I'm currently using all the other parts with my older motherboard and CPU (except the RAM, but I checked it using memtest with no errors).

I would really appreciate any help on this matter - I'm hoping to replace the faulty part to save cash, since the CPU/motherboard combination I'm using at the moment is quite slow.

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  1. First of all, have you checked for temperatures?
    Second, try update video drivers.
    Thirdly, you should check out HDD, sounds like thing might be with bad sectors. If your hdd is WD then download this and scan http://support.wdc.com/product/download.asp?groupid=607&sid=3&lang=en
  2. I checked the temperatures using Core Temp and they were fine. I also updated all of my drivers to the latest settings, including my gfx card. At one point I switched the graphics card with another that I know works, and it still kept freezing.

    I'm not sure about the HDD - I've a solid state drive which is now currently connected to an older motherboard/CPU setup and has been running stable for the last month. I had to format it and reinstall W7 though, so perhaps that might have fixed something? I'm trying to figure out whether this is some obscure software issue or that my newer MB or CPU is defected.

    As I posted earlier - I've replaced my new motherboard/CPU with an older MB/CPU, whilst keeping everything else the same (except the RAM). For the past month this setup has been running stable, so I can assume this is either a motherboard or CPU issue?
  3. Yeah, well if you did all that then issue is most likely with hardware. I suggest you RMA mobo first.
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