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Hey guys, I have a new computer with a 500GB HDD that is running out of space. I want to buy a 1TB HDD and copy it over so that everything on the same haard drive is the exact same, including the operating system and all the files.

1. What software/utility should I use to do this?

2. Would it give me the desired results? I have a lot of videogames, and I don't want them to be "broken" by moving them to the new directory.

I will probably keep the 500GB HDD around for extra space. Thanks!
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  1. Also, I am using Intel RST SSD caching to with my 500GB hard drive. Would cloning that HDD to another one mess it up? Thanks!
  2. I've used easus for many clones successfully. Albeit slow, I really like being able to use a life distro style of copy.

    Once you have cloned it, you should be able to simply expand the drive space into the unallocated space using diskmgmt.msc in windows and similar under mac you can use the built in hard drive assistant.

    WORD OF CAUTION: I've seen this phenomena a lot when people clone their drives that their windows will not be genuine. Most often the cause for this is leaving the old drive connected after finishing the clone and rebooting. Therefore REMOVE the old drive from the computer once you have finished the cloning! The new drive should be bootable immediately. Once you have verified that the clone is working, and have expanded the drive to the full terabyte or more you can go ahead and shut down, disconnect the new drive, reconnect the old drive and format it and use it as secondary data drive.

    Intel SRT should reset itself.
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