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yesterday as was working on eclipse ide and at sometime my computer stops. From then it doesn't
open. So, i open the computer tower and checked what happend. When i try to run the computer the CPUFan starts only for 1 sec. not even a 360 turn. The motherboard doesn't have any led to check if it's working or not. What's happen? The processor is dead or the motherboard? Thanks in advance!
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  1. Any lights lighting on the case (power LED)? Sounds like a PSU issue. Have you been working on the inside of machine?
  2. Hi, Or a power supply issue. There's a test:
    EDIT: Already answered.
  3. The power supply it's ok i've made a test on another motherboard and everything it's ok. The motherboard doesn't have any LED. Also i've made a test at another old motherboard to check with or without the processor if will start and it's running for 20 secs and it's off.

    So, i believe that the motherboard have the problem. Am i right?
  4. It might be. A board or a CPU issue.
  5. I have to find it out in order to know what i should buy!
  6. Aren't they under warranty? What models?
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