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Need help with Idle Temps for i7 950

Hello Folks,

I need some help with CPU temps. I have an Intel i7 950 3.0 Ghz. I actually have a question, and some information that I found out that is a side-related thing.

I have seen a million different opinions about what safe temps are for CPU'S. Intel gives their own recommended temp ranges of course.

My i7 is in a huge gaming tower, about 2 years old, superior ventilation, five case fans + RAM cooling. It has typically idled at about 39-42c, and goes up to about the high 50s to low to mid 60s when under load, gaming, etc. My i7 has stock Intel cooling, nothing special added.

Occasionaly it will go into the high 60s to the very, very low 70s like when Norton is udpating, etc. In two years, my CPU has NEVER gotten above 72 or 73c, and only for very, very short periods when it hit those temps.

My question is, is an idle temp of 39-42c, and load temp of 55-65c, and only occasionaly approaching 70c ok? I have read that even though Intel recommends that the i7 950 should never go above 67c, that it is designed to run hot, and can go into the 70s and even 80s, and still be fine, and wont shut itself down until it reaches 100c. I have also read that yes, you can run i7's hot, but that you will shorten their life.

Figured I'd ask you folks, as you have a lot more knowledge on this than me!

Thanks in advance.
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  1. It is OK but really having the stock cooler you will have to clean it frequently. It is normal that idle temps are 10-12C over ambient yours look a little high for that unless it is hot where you live.
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    That looks about normal. My i7-920, when i had the stock cooler, loved to idle in the low to mid 40's (winter/spring/fall) and low 50s (summer) and gets up to mid 60s/70s under load.

    You can run it above the recommended temperature no problem. It may reduce the life of the processor but it'll be far outdated by the time it actually dies (think several decades in the future -- minus a couple months).

    Advice -- Clean the heatsink out every now and then or invest in a good one like a Hyper212+ / evo and drop 10c or so in idle / 10-20c on load.
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