Sudden problem with GTX 560 TI SLI

Hello everyone, I apologize if I'm in the wrong forum. I'm currently at work and dont have very much time to browse around for the exact forum.

I recently put together my own custom built PC not along ago. (I will list specs after stating the issue)

Everything has been working perfectly for about the last 3 weeks up until last friday night.

The first issue I had was after work that night when I got home and eagerly rushed to turn my computer on to play D3. I was greeted with a nice message "Boot mgr is not found" press Ctrl Alt Del to restart. So after trying that several times and getting no results, I did some research on my phone and found a couple of solutions. I fixed that issue by pounding del/f8 to get into my BIOS to find that my SSD is no longer showing up under my list of boot options. So I went into advanced and found that it was still an available option and placed it back to my first boot option. Problem solved, random thing right?

So saturday morning here I was grinding along in d3 when I decided to go afk for a few minutes. I left the computer on and sat on the couch and smoked a cigarette. When I came back I touched the mouse to move and my screen immediately went black but my computer was still on. I pulled the plug on the power and tried to restart only to find that I was getting a new error. "No signal" on my monitor (HD 22" Inch TV)

So again I went back to researching possible solutions. One of which was pull the power cord, hold the on switch for 30 seconds to let the caps dry out? I think I'm repeating that right, but I could be wrong. Nothing I tried seemed to work. So I switched the plug in cable to my other GPU slot and it booted right up with display - but there is new issues now.

Now when booting up my computer about 75% of the time there is a really loud buzzing sound that will randomly come on sometimes when booting up. Only thing I've found to fix this is to restart the PC multiple times until it doesnt "hum". I guess thats the best way I could describe the sound.

I tried to re-attach my plug-in to my other GPU (the previous one that wasnt showing a signal) only to find that it still will not send a signal to my monitor.

I went into control panel and looked at my device manager only to find that my computer is no longer reading that I have 2 EVGA GTX 560 Ti's plugged in, only one now. So at the current moment my system is stable but with only 1 working GPU and a weird ass humming sound that comes from my computer upon random boot ups.

I'm 100% up to date on all my gpu drivers, only thing I havent checked yet is my mobo drivers which I plan on doing first thing when I get home today.

I spent the weekend trying to research online for similiar issues but I cant seem to find one freaking post about dual gtx 560's ti's in sli mode and one just stops working randomly. I'm clueless as to what I can do. I dont have a second PC to try out the gpu in, nor do I have another gpu to try in my current system.

Any advice, or ideas or anything short of "REBUILD THE WHOLE THING ITS BROKEN RAWR" is GREATLY appreciated. I really would like to DIY fix this, cause I really wanna start learning more about the inner workings of a system rather than just dropping it off at the repair shop and signing a receipt for the work done.

System Specs:

i5-2500k (factory settings no oc)
16 gigs corsair vengeance ram 1600 mhz
asus pz68-v-pro mobo
corsair 1050 watt psu silver certified
corsair force series 120gig ssd (OS only)
2x 7200 rpm 320gig hdd (1 for applications 1 for music/photos/videos)
sony blu-ray burner
antec 900 ultimate gaming case
corsair h50 liquid cooling for the cpu
2x EVGA 560 Ti SLI mode (well they were)

Really hope this helps. Will be checking this hourly on my phone when I get home.
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  1. Have you tried running each card independently?
  2. also a lot of bios bug fixes have you installed all the bios updates??
  3. I wasn't sure if I could just unplug one of the gpus without having to change all the sli settings in my bios and windows since that was done by a local professional and I don't have that much knowledge on it. But if it's ok for me to just unplug the bad one, try the other one solo in both slots on my mobo and see if it works. And then I will try the suspected bad one in both slots. That should narrow down of its a mobo or a gpu hardware issue right?

    Just wanted to know if I could just unplug pieces of hardware without having to change the settings, or would it just automatically update to non sli.

    Thank you so much for the quick reply. Will try the moment I get home from work.

  4. I just saw in my original post I said three weeks ago I built the computer. I meant three months. One of the first things I did was all windows/mobo/bios/gpu updates and drivers. I got the latest one for my gpu but if there's been any in the past three months for the rest then no.

    I will check this first before trying to unplug and try each gpu individually. Thank you for the tip.

  5. The Sandforce controller of your SSD has me nervous as well.
  6. What would I have to do to check the ssd controller to make sure it's ok? Sorry for so many questions. I'm really getting into computers and how they work so I'm eager to learn. Thanks again for the quick reply.

  7. The cards will most likely only work in the PCIe 1 slot if the other card is not present but try both slots anyway.
  8. chawkins said:
    What would I have to do to check the ssd controller to make sure it's ok? Sorry for so many questions. I'm really getting into computers and how they work so I'm eager to learn. Thanks again for the quick reply.


    Go to the Corsair forums and see if there are any threads about problems and/or firmware updates.
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