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X79 vs. Z77

Hi. I'm planning my new build and I don't know which processor and motherboard I should get. I'm kind of torn between the 3820 with an ASUS P9X79 Pro and a 3770k with an MSI Big Bang Z77 Mpower. I plan on having two cards in SLI/Crossfire (probably 2 7970's in crossfire). Getting the X79 board and SB CPU, I will have to pay a bit more, but is it worth it? And also, if price were the same, would I notice any performance difference?
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    For gaming, just get the i7-3770k or the i5-3570k.
    The i7-3820 for me it's pointless, for lga 2011 i'd get the i7-3930k and only that one.
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