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Computer sleep issue and 3 Random shut downs

Hey everyone,

I just recently built a computer for one of my family members. The problem I am having is when the computer sleeps it cannot be woken by the keyboard or mouse. I have checked the hardware settings on the control panel and the options are checked off for both devices. I also went into bios and selected OS settings for the mode of control for sleeping. EuP 2013 is turned on by default (not sure if that is affecting anything). It doesn't matter if it is a USB or PS/2 neither work.

On top of the sleep problem, my aunt has reported 3 separate times where the computer restarts itself suddenly while in use. I have reinstalled everything including drivers and my motherboard has been flashed to the newest bios to try to correct it. I have never had it restart while I was working on it but is there a way to figure out what is causing this? I also rechecked all cable connections.

Core temp shows the CPU is around 27-30C. There is great airflow throughout the case. When it sleeps the keyboard lights remain (num lock, etc.) and molex fans spin so I don't believe it is a power supply issue or mobo power issue since the keyboard light goes through the mobo.

I wasnt sure where to exactly post this since it could be hardware or software. Thanks in advance! Any help is greatly appreciated!

My parts list is:
Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
Intel i5-3750k
MSI Z77A-G41
16GB (4x4) PNY XLR8 1600 RAM
Corsair CX 430watt PSU
1 TB Seagate Barracuda ST31000524AS 7200RPM
LG supermulti DVD RW
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  1. In power options in control panel, go to advanced power settings and make sure your hard disk is set to never sleep. That fixed the issue for a friend of mine so its got to be worth a try.
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    Well, the random restart problem is more serious than the sleep problem.
    That could be bad PSU or ram problem.
    Try running a RAM check:
  3. Hey thanks for the replies. I ran the test and there is nothing wrong with the memory that Windows could discover. I will try swapping the psu if it happens again but I also think they may have a faulty power strip or something because it has worked fine for me everytime I've taken it back and played around with it. Thanks!
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