I5 3570 vs 3570k

hello everyone!! I am buying a intel i5 along with ASROCK H61M-DGS and i wanted to know if the 3570k version performs better than the non-k.
I will be using the CPU for gaming,no video editing/rending,no OC.
and something else, will the AMD FX-8350 perform better at games?or i should keep on with the i5???

rest PC components :

Ocz StealthXstream EU 500W
Corsair Vengeance 1600Mhz 8gb (2x4)
Gigabyte GTX 650 OC version
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  1. The 3570k has a better integrated GPU, and can be OC'd. Otherwise they're the same, including cost.

    The 3570 will perform better in most games.
  2. The primary difference is that the "k" model has unlocked multipliers for overclocking. However, you will not be doing so with a H61 chipset. Additionally, you should make sure that the i5-3570 is compatible with that motherboard because the H61 chipset was released primarily for Sandy Bridge CPUs (like i5-2500), not Ivy Bridge CPUs.

    Usually an updated BIOS will allow you to use the newer Ivy Bridge CPUs, but if the mobo has an older BIOS, then you need to install a Sandy Bridge CPU 1st to upgrade the BIOS prior to installing an Ivy Bridge CPU.

    The other difference is that only the Ivy Bridge "k" models have the faster Intel HD 4000 graphic core while most others have the slower Intel HD 2500. The exceptions are the Core i3 Ivy Bridge CPUs ending with a "5" such as the i3-3125.

    Non "k" models have additional security circuitry which are useful in certain corporate situations, but doesn't really mean anything for a consumer.
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