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YO. Building a new pc
i5 3570k (more than likely overclock)
Sabertooth Z77
HD 7970 (Might wait for 2013 lineup not sure)
and finally can't decide on which case to get £150ish budget (Cases are usually the same prices in US and UK e.g a 149 dollar case is more than likely going to be 149 pounds.
been looking at the 600t and the nxzt 810 but really need some input or even other suggestions
Thanks in advance from your average first time builder
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  1. both are nice, but also what powersupply ur looking for how much watts and whats ur budget thanks, the rest looks decent :) also u can get 16 gig kits for not alot more.
  2. -sabertooth is a scam. heat shield traps heat. better off with a z77-v pro
    -if there is a large gap between a 7950 and 7970, get it instead. or you can wait
    -look at a fractal define r4. plain but is very functional over corsair cases.
  3. the switch has too much room that you are not going to use. why bother
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