Will a regular ATX powersupply fit into "Slim line" case?

Ok, so a buddy of mine has this PC:

Hewlit Packard s5703w

He wants to upgrade it to be able to play modern videogames.

It's not great but with a decent graphics card, he could probably run most games at least at modest settings. For example, I have the exact same processor and RAM in a cheap media PC I built last summer with a GTX 460 and it runs most games at medium to medium high settings on the TV.

The problem he has, though, is that his case is is a goddamn "slim line" case. If I still lived in his area, I would happily switch out the case for him. But I don't, so that isn't much of an option. I'll still try to encourage him to consider it, but I don't think he's going to go for it as he isn't very tech savy and the idea of moving all the parts to a new case will probably be more hassle than he wants.

So as alternative, I have decided to recommend this Radeon 6750:


Since it is a "low profile" card and thus seems like the best videocard that will fit his current case (however if anybody has a better suggestion, I am entirely open!).

However, obviously he is also going to need a better powersupply. So my question is, will a regular one fit one of these shitty "Slim line" cases? If not, how can I find one that will?

Thanks so much in advance!
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  1. That case has a special power supply(Looks TFX to me, but i may be wrong). At 220 watts, it may have some trouble with faster video cards. even the 6750 may be pushing it(60-80 watts under high stress).

    can you get me the 12 volt A(Amp) rating from the power supply sticker please. The amount of 12 volt power(5 and 3.3 are not used as much. all power supplies have enough of that now) is the biggest factor for power supplies.

    EDIT, also watch for TFX power supplies when shopping as they may have slightly different specs and more importantly, some have low 12 volt power for the total wattage. Seasonic makes a good power supply. FSP is not bad either(they make some TFX).
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    Here's what I can determine about the current power supply:

    Internal 220W (100V-240V)
    Form factor: Internal for slim form factor
    Total wattage: 220W
    Nominal input voltage range:
    100-127V/6A (50-60Hz)
    200-240V/3A (50-60Hz)
    Dimensions: 200mm x 85mm x 53mm (7.9 x 3.3 x 2.1 inches)
    This power supply has an LED to indicate a possible failure condition when the LED is off and power is connected.

    I'm aware that that 220W is probably not going to cut it for the Radeon 6750 or even the 6670 (the two options I"m suggesting he look at) but I want to know exactly what we can do about the power situition.

    I heard someone somewhere else mention a possibility of an external power supply but I don't know how that would work or where I could get one. I would also imagine an external powersupply might present other problems of air circulation, no?
  3. The size of that power supply does not seem quite TFX....may be hard to get a better one.

    Some second power supply systems like the FSP booster are made to allow faster video cards to be run, but they normally fit into a CD/DVD drive bay.

    Any external power supply needs some kind of link(even a 12 volt relay will work) to ensure it turns on and off with the main system power supply.

    The 6670 looks to be the best bet, but the 5570 would be safer(less power draw).

    Best option would be a 7750. low power(under 45 watts in real world tests) and fast for its power, but not many low profile cards like that.
  4. So basically this newly announced Sapphire 7750 low profile would probably be his best best?


    He could use probably use that in his current case and set up?

    If so, I might just advise him to wait for that if he isn't willing to switch out to a bigger case.
  5. Looks like the best bet i can see, but it may cost a fair bit due to its low profile nature(custom board and cooler).
  6. Turns out that he might be willing to just switch out to a new case. He has an old case laying around I think I have an old ATX powersupply I think I could mail him. So as long as this smaller form motherboard fits in the other case, he may be fine with just a regular videocard.

    Thanks for the advice, though. It's good to know for the future.
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