Is this screwdriver dangerous? slightly magnetic
It has removable screwdriver heads and I see are held in place once you set them with some sort of really strong magnet that doesn't let them wobble around or fall on something unless you pull them out, would that magnet magnetize the head and make it cause damage around your PC especially around the HDD? only the screwdriver itself has a magnet the head doesn't.
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  1. seen mildly magnetic screwdrivers used in repair for a while. it the magnet isn't too powerful., it shold be safe
  2. i dont think it will cause an issue myself but i always like using plain jane screwdrivers.
  3. I am with the above user, It takes lots of magnet power to corrupt a hard drive. I used to NEVER use magnetic screw drivers long time ago, but have been using them for some time now. I even lightly magnetize screw drivers(by contact with stronger magnets or making an electromagnet of it :)) to make life that bit easier in tight spaces.
  4. I was a computer tech for a few years and used them the whole time and I still use them, never a problem.
  5. Yeah that is a myth. You would need a SUPER powerful magnet to cause corruption on a hard drive. If you have never taken apart an actual hard drive, I encourage you to do so next time you have an old one you want to destroy or have no use for. Every mechanical hard drive contains 2 REALLY powerful neodymium magnets that are used to move the read/write head back and forth. If these are inside your drive, a puny little screwdriver magnet is doing nothing.

    On a fun side, I have hard drive magnets all over my desk that I use to hold up stuff. If you lay one on a flat surface, have fun getting it off. And watch your fingers they are ridiculously strong. Just as an example, I just stuck one behind the last few pages of an 800 page SQL book and it stuck to my cubical wall.
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