2x nvidia geforce 8800gtx?

are 2 nvidia geforce 8800gtx good in gameing. and what PSU would i need to run these cards together

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  1. They run hot alone, pairing two of them will be extra hot.

    What is your max budget for a graphics card and psu?

    Can you list the rest of your system specs? Monitor resolution?
  2. 19" moniter
    intel quad core q6600 2.4 ghz
    2gb corsair ram DDR2
    akasa 800W PSU
    XFX nForce 780i 3 Way SLI Motherboard
  3. What type of games are you trying to play?
  4. league of legends, world of warcraft, skyrim oblivion, diablo 3, crysis1 & 2 etc...
  5. I wouldn't trust those no name PSU. Research your model to see if it's crap, or just a decent PSU that was re-branded for cheap. Anyway as far as power you're probably looking at 600W max (500W while gaming is more realistic) so get a decent 650W PSU to be safe. A stable PSU will also allow you to overclock your CPU so that it's not the limiting factor in your setup. Just make sure your case has good air flow o_O
  6. umar rehman said:
    league of legends, world of warcraft, skyrim oblivion, diablo 3, crysis1 & 2 etc...

    How much are you paying for the cards?
  7. A GTX 560 Ti is about the same performance as 2 8800gtx in SLI with much less heat and power. Also you could look at an AMD 7870. Both of these will perform slightly better than 2 8800gtx in SLI. Unless you are getting a complete steal on a old 8800gtx I would look into just replacing the card with a single card that has 2x or better performance.
  8. im getting 2 8800gtx for £50
  9. Well I gave 2 of them to a friend for free about 1 yr ago with aftermarket coolers even. I wouldn't think those 2 would do that great in some of the games you listed and would be a ton of heat.
  10. what about if i got 3 of them for £50. is it worth it?
  11. For that price two of them is a good deal. If you get three of them that's even better.......... but you might need a better PSU.
  12. yes i can easily get £150. and what PSU would be good to triple sli 8800gtx
  13. so 3 8800gtx are not good?
  14. they are really good cards but is there anything that is £150 including VAT
  15. awsome!!!! but us there anythin cheaper for exactley £150
  16. youre giving me cards that i cant even afford
  17. if i 2 way SLI the 6870 would that be a beast in gaming.
  18. what would be a great choice in doing 2 way sli for gaming? and just say for £180 or under
  19. i got a lot of saving up to do........
  20. that is so true. thanks man!
  21. i dont know how to select best answer. can you tell me plz
  22. cant find it
  23. Ready to Select!
  24. 3-way SLI is fine if they are giving you the 3rd card and your get a PSU that can handle it. I'm guessing recon-uk has had a real issue with microstutter in the past (even though he currently has two 480s in SLi), or just heard a lot of bad things about it. The third card is pretty much just to smooth out the minimum frame rate so as long as you enable v-synch and keep the cards cool you should be fine. I'd say this PSU would be more than enough to run your 3 cards

    Silverstone Strider Plus 1000W Modular '80 Plus Silver'

    It would also be good for any future upgrade you might want to do
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