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Anyone has an experience on using UPS?


anyone has an experience using UPS (uninterruptible power supply)? Planning to buy one , to prevent my components of PC to get damage during sudden power interruption. My questions is that If I have a PSU of 750w, should I also use a 750w UPS? and can I plug more components in one UPS?. I also have a LED TV which runs on 100-120w, can I plug it together with my PC in one UPS? If I use UPS, does it add or has a high cost for power? (does it add high to your power monthly bill)?

Thanks, waiting for your response.
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    it's not the wattage so much on a ups, yes the more wattage you are using should affect the model you get but that's only how long do you want it to run the pc after a power failure, if you get a weaker model you may have only 2 minutes to shut everything down, a bigger model will allow for more time to shut things down, but for brownouts and spikes of electricity you want something that supports the right amount of amperage, a 15 amp one will good, but the bigger the power it can generate is for time allowance in case of complete electrical loss. My UPS may cost me an additional $2 a month to run but i have 10 minutes before i have no power left, warning beeps let me know, also that may be another annoying factor as if you get a lot of brownouts and power spikes it will beep frequently and can get very annoying.
  2. So it's means ,, it doesnt double my power usage? like if i have a gaming system that consume a 650w and connect to UPS, it only add a little cost to the power bill right?
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