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Heya, :hello:

Getting a 'Parts List' organized for my first ever build so I can work out total cost.

I'm looking at graphics cards and I don't know much about Geforce cards, more about radeons, but since the main game I play is world of warcraft and the pc I'm thinking about building is probs gonna be a Intel i5 (3rd gen) as it's newer technology, I was thinking geforce would be a better option(?)

I am currently running on Radeon HD 4850, which is an old series, but still a good card of it's time. I run at 50-60 fps (cap) in most areas, and lower in raids and busy places. That is with almost everything set on 'good'.

I want to put a card in my build that will be
1)Better than the 4850, running mostly on 'High' with decent FPS in raids.
2)The best I can get for £150 or less.

I'm not fussed if it is Nvidia or Radeon, but any advice and suggestions would be very helpful to me :)

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  1. I've been looking at the GTX 550 ti, GTX 560, HD 7770, HD 6850, HD 6870, and HD 7850's - (but I don't think I can find that one cheap enough.)
    I'm a little confused about the Nvidia cards as after the 550 ti and 560, all the others seem to shoot up to £300(?)

    I'm not sure how they all compare against each other.
  2. Quote:

    Thanks, however these are all too expensive. £150 is really max that I would want to (and probably all I need to) spend on a card to run the game nicely.
    I guess it answers the question of the ones inbetween that 150 - 300 mark in the nvidia range though.
  3. Quote:
    You should go with the 560 or the 6870

    thanks for your advice, are they similar in performance or is one slightly better?
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