What are the differences between these graphics cards?

What is the difference between these two Asus gtx 550ti graphics cards?
Does their design affect cooling by a substantial amount?


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  1. Their "TI DirectCu" cooler is currently one of their best preforming solutions. Hence, the increase in price. ;)
  2. The cheaper one has an extruded aluminum heatsink similar to intels cpu heatsinks.
    The more expensive one has an aluminun/copper heatsink with direct contact heatpipes.
    The more expensive model will cool better with less noise and have better overclocking headroom since the heatpipes carry heat away fron the die faster.
  3. I can buy it for £70 is it worth getting?
  4. 1) the DC card is clocked 10Mhz higher.
    2) yes.
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