NZXT or Thermaltake?

Hi I can't decide if i should buy the NZXT Phantom or the Switch 810


Thermaltake Chaser MK-I or Armor Revo?

Please help! :cry:
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  1. Phantom 410 was very highly reviewed, though those Thermaltake cases do look like top quality. I personally wouldn't want the NZXT based on its looks, but if you like the design, I think it would be a good choice. Well-built, cool and quiet.
  2. I'd go with the Thermaltake Chaser MK-I or Switch 810. If you make your system colour co-ordinated then it'll look beautiful in the Switch 810 white case :D
  3. Definitely the switch. It's bigger, looks nicer imo, and it's got the side window which is cool. so yeah, easy choice 4 me.
  4. I would prefer the phantom case or the switch 810. Both seem to get really good review I'm sure thermaltake has decent products it's just become harder and harder for me to like there product long passed the days of the thermaltake armor cases.
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