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AMD 8350 or 8150

Hello all tom's hardware reader! I was wondering if i should get the AMD 8350 for $200 or the AMD 8150 with closed loop water cooling (AMD water cooling) for $210. I am using my comp. for gaming and wanted to know which one is you think i should get! Thanks for reading and any comments will be appreciated! (Except AMD vs Intel fanboys fighting over company names, products, etc.)
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  1. 8350 is more powerful.

    If money is an issue I'd go for 8320 with a good cooler.
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    You can find 8350's for $180 out there, I'm not sure where the 8150's are priced now but I'd think the performance difference between the two would be worth $20 or so. As for cooling, you should be alright on a $35 Cooler Master 212 EVO, unless you have your heart set on a water cooling rig. ($190 actually)
  3. I concur with Finneous. Piledriver is better than Bulldozer.

    Like he said, an 8320 has the same specs (L2, L3, IMC Speed) as an 8350, just a lower clock, meaning you could buy that and get a nice cooler for it, then overclock it.
  4. FX 8350
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