ASUS GTX 590 with my Power Supply?

I just wanted to know if my Corsair TX 750W v2 80 plus bronze certified Power Supply would be able to handle a new ASUStek GTX 590 3GB GDDR5 video card.

This is the card:

This is my power supply:
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  1. Ok so it should be able to handle a GTX 590 without any issues, but SLI 590s I'd need to upgrade PSU, if I wanted to do that.
  2. You need 1100 watts for a GTX 590 Sli setup.
  3. Yeah that's kinda nuts lol, but a single gtx 590 will do fine for me now if I end up getting a good deal from someone on one. If not, I will probably get a GTX 670 for now and then see about SLI.
  4. Might get my hands on a new ASUS GTX 590 for around $350.00, brand new, never used. I don't think I can pass up on it. Overperforms a GTX 670 or 680 and for atleast $50 less!! What do you guys think?
  5. So my Corsair TX 750w v2 80 plus bronze certified would be good for an ASUS GTX 590?
  6. Yes it's plenty.
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