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Help me install 212 EVO please

I was in the process of installing my 212 EVO, I noticed a very annoying note on the instructions
"Don't peel off the insulating tape. The insulating tape must face the motherboard"

Ok.... On a socket 1155 (installing on 3570K)

In order to face the motherboard, the insulating tape must be peeled off and installed on other side of back plate.

Yes or no? should I stop worrying about it? That is freaking confusing and I don't wanna mess it up.
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    don't confuse thermal tape with insulating tape.

    the back plate must have the insulating tape between it and the motherboard on the back of the mobo.

    the heatsink should have the thermal pad between the heatsink and the cpu.
  2. Thanks I just figured it out. On one side of the backplate there is insulating tape on the FEET. On the other side of the backplay there is insulating tape on the BODY of the surface.

    Its hard to explain without a picture, but in other words there is insulating tape on BOTH sides of the backplate, so depending on what mobo socket you use, insulating tape will touch.

    I feel pretty stupid for posting, but what happened is I install the backplate, then read the note, then look at see tape on the wrong side.

    I will leave this post up for anyone else who has a tendancy to overthink things =x
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  4. that's fine, stupid thing to have done would have been to not have asked.
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