GPU or PSU problem

My 1 year old XFX 6870 was experiencing an issue. every hour my screen goes black no signal from monitor and a very loud
fan noise starts (100% speed) so I was forced to restart the pc manually.

Sometimes after I log on to windows my monitor goes black, loud gpu fan and the pc hangs.

I tried a bnew gpu on my system (xfx 5870 actually a replacement for my 6870) and a different issues occurred when playing
games for about 15 - 30 mins the screen goes gray and the pc hangs and forced me to restart manually.

Another scenario during my isolation sometimes the card was not powering up. couple of times the fan was spinning at 100% so I reconnected the cables.

Was the gpu still faulty or the psu not giving enough power to my gpu or only the 6-pin cables?

I'm using my on-board video card right now to use my computer temporarily.

My Specs:

Core i5 2500k
Gigabyte Z68X UD3H
4gb DDR3 1600 Gskill RpijawsX
500gb Seagate Barracuda
XFX 1gb 5870
OCZ ModXstream 700w
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  1. did you try using different 6-pin cables? also, try the graphics card on some othe system to test for any problems with the graphics card
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