Unidentified network ... no internet access router.

Hey guys

I have just installed windows 7 on my laptop dell inspiron 1520 , while surfing the internet suddenly my wireless connection disconnected and never came back . it shows the yellow exclamation triangle on 2 laptops and a computer. tried restarting and reseting router but no use. router : 3com Adsl 54mbps 11g firewall router. does this mean i need new router? :sweat:

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  1. Have you connected to the router through a wired connection? What happens when you scan for wireless networks around your laptops?
  2. yeah i tried wired connection it takes like 3 minutes to show the yellow exclamation triangle .. and the wireless network isnt avaialable on the wireless networks search
  3. But are you connecting to the router, or just trying to connect to the Internet?

    If the Router is working fine, but not connecting to the Internet, it may be a problem with your ISP instead.
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